Kim is an inspirational communications leader who I had the pleasure of working with for nearly three years. She is innovative, creative, motivating and engaging, whilst being a pragmatist, which is a difficult blend to find! She is one of those few people who get internal communications and that it’s more than just channel and message.

Her knowledge of communications is superb and she knows intuitively how to drive communications forward, especially during periods of change. She was fantastic at managing multiple senior business and HR stakeholders across several geographies and supported them with both coaching and formal communications training.

Kim, a freelance copywriter and communications professional in London, Milton Keynes and Northampton, takes time to understand her customers and their requirements are at the heart of every solution she develops for the business, whether that’s corporate communications messages or writing and planning for change management. She is a joy to work with, adds value and I look forward to working with Kim again in future, she is a true star!