Giving blood rocks

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I first started giving blood when I was waiting a really long time for a visa (may share at some point in another blog). I thought I might try and do a few things to help out, like donate blood. I’m not particularly scared of needles or blood, but I have to admit I was always slightly terrified of having a big needle jabbed in my arm and a cupful of my blood taken.

Turns out, it’s really easy and doesn’t hurt a bit. And you get to talk with really lovely nurses while they are collecting.

Recently, one of the conversations went along the lines of, “What do you do?”

“I’m a writer.”

“Of what, dear?”

“Well, I’m a Northampton copywriter who works for all kinds of businesses. I work as a healthcare copywriter, as well as for other industries like food, fashion and business, that kind of thing. I’ve just helped put together Northamptonshire Healthcare’s Annual Report.”

“Good for you. Can you write about giving blood?”

Makes sense. If only we talked, tweeted and wrote more about it, more people might consider it.

So here it is: a dedication to all the great people who collect blood – especially those I’ve met in and around Northampton. My favourite spot is the Moulton School because you get to look at cool teen art hanging on the wall. But that’s just a bonus.

I’ve not met one cranky nurse or had a bad experience. In fact, giving blood is kinda fun. You feel great because you know you are helping someone. And I often look around the room and think how wonderful humans are. There are not many places that give you that feeling.

I once read in one of the newsletters sent to me as a donor that a man named Barry Hyman has been donating blood for more than 50 years and has saved potentially more than 450 lives.

Barry, you rock.

And so does giving blood. Although, I would highly recommend you follow the nurses’ guidance for eating well, drinking loads of water and not exercising beforehand. I happened to do a light 30-minute workout about an hour or so before donating once and I felt so woozy they had to fan me like I was Liza Minnelli.

But apart from that, if you don’t already, giving blood is really worthwhile and so easy.

According to the NHS site over a quarter of us need blood at least once in our lifetime. What more reason do you need?