Do I really need a copywriter?

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Great content is crucial to all aspects of marketing your business. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your company is if you can’t communicate this effectively to your customers. Which means you need exceptional writing.

You probably know your business best of all. And, you know what it is about your business that you’d like to communicate to your customers. Plus, you’re good at writing. So why would you need to pay someone else to write your content for you?

Here’s why.


It saves you time  

Creating compelling, engaging content can take up a huge amount of your time. It’s not just a simple case of sitting down and writing. You have to research, fact check, proof read, proof read again, gain stake-holder approval, make copy amends and so on. This is in addition to actually writing the words.

Hiring the right copywriter will allow you to spend your precious time on other projects.


You’ll get more bang for your buck

In terms of the overall cost of a project (for example, the design, the images and the printing or backend IT work), the cost of paying someone to create the most important part – the words – is actually a tiny proportion of the budget.

Engaging, professionally written marketing copy will help you to sell more product, or build a better relationship with your customers. Very simply, it will deliver you a great return on your investment.


It removes the stress

If you’re writing your own content you are quite likely having to fit this around your day job. By using a copywriter they’ll remove the stress of you having yet another project to attend to. You won’t have to worry about carving out the time in your diary, or writing your content sporadically whilst you’re also attending meetings, writing reports, fielding calls and responding to emails.

Writing effectively is very difficult to do when you’re under pressure. So having someone to do the writing for you makes it one less thing for you to think about. This is especially true if you are looking for a local freelance copywriter and want to meet them occasionally and leave them to get on with the job.

They’ll do a better job than you

A good freelance copywriter is a specialist at writing persuasive and compelling content. They will have reams of experience writing copy for many other businesses across a number different industries and media.

They’ll take your messages and create a story that’s engaging and interesting and that will ultimately help your business. They’ll do this because they know how to. And they know how to because they’ve done it many times before.


You know too much

You know your business. In fact, you’re an expert. But you’re not your customer.

You know what it is that you need to tell your customer but you’re not the best person to tell them. The problem is that you’re too close to it.

Knowing all the intricacies of your business means that it can be hard to be objective. You could be too ‘sales-y’, or use business jargons and acronyms. A good copywriter will know your audience and your messages and will be able to convey those perfectly, while hitting the right tone.


They’ll keep it fresh

Using a copywriter will inject a new lease of life into your content.  A new set of eyes will see those bits that need bringing up to date or a new perspective.

If you’d like some help as a London freelance copywriter, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.