10 top tips for effective copywriting

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Part 2: 5 more to follow

My last post revealed what I consider to be the top 5 tips for great writing. There are 5 more that can help extend the effectiveness of your communication.

1. Interrupt the text
A huge, great swathe of text is a sure-fire way to disengage your readers. It’s hard to read, tiring on the eyes and boring (there, I’ve said it).
If you do have a lot to say around one subject, it’s essential to interrupt the words with headings, subheadings and lists. Taking a break from the words makes it much easier for the reader to stay interested. And they’re much more likely to remember what they read when they do get to the end.

2. Think about the why
Your audience will be bombarded with messages every single day. Before you start to write your copy you must have conviction that writing it at all serves a purpose. Will it get lost and forgotten about? Make sure that wherever your copy is placed it has a reason for being there at all.

3. Tell the story
I like to think of commercial copy as a thing of beauty. Yes, it has to be persuasive and compelling, but it also has to connect enough with the reader to ensure they get to the end.
Storytelling helps with this connection. Your copy needs to flow in such a way that your readers will want to know what happens. Address everything in the right order, outlining the problem and then the solution. Keep them interested right to the very end.

4. What’s next after the text? Have a clear call to action
Successful copy attracts, resonates and persuades your readers.
It’s all very good having a great story, engaging words and an interested audience. But what are you asking them to do?
Click? Share? Like? Tell people? Get in touch? By the time your reader gets to the end of your story they need to know what they have to do next.

5. Proof reading
I don’t just mean to check grammar and spelling (although, of course, that’s true).
I mean read the whole thing, read it again and then again. Are you happy with it? Would it resonate with you as the reader? Reading it aloud is particularly helpful. And if you’re still unsure, convince a friend or colleague to read it too for their honest opinion.

Encouraged? Energised? Daunted? Writing great commercial copy can be a huge undertaking but is also hugely rewarding. If you’d like an expert to help please get in touch.