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A self-confessed self helper for work and business, Kim loves a good read like this negotiation book by Clive Rich (great surname). As the title suggests, Rich argues negotiation should be a positive, collaborative experience. We agree. Why shouldn't business be win-win? Neither party should feel like they're losing out.

In a world where we are bombarded by information, thoughtful communications canmake all the difference to your organisation. The Copy Co is a collective of the finest writers and communicators with impressive experience in the commercial, public and third sectors. By taking the time to understand what's happening for you now, and introducing your future perspective through communication, our work makes a valuable contribution to your organisation.

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For original, inventive content, copywriting and communications, take a peek at our work. Our London, Northampton and the Midlands copywriters know how to use words to turn readers into buyers.

Dot, dot, dot

Time for copywriter news and views. Some copywriters hate them, but I love ellipses… Otherwise known as the dot dot dots (as sung in the film Mama Mia), ellipses are a fun way to end a sentence or paragraph.

They can leave you hanging or even lead you to get lost in your own thoughts.

You can almost hear the quiet that comes from the pause. They’re especially great for dramatic effect. They offer time to gather your thoughts…

I love ellipses in letter writing too. And when handwritten on paper or card, there’s none of that green swirly underlined effect when Word tells you off for using ellipses.

Till next time…

A steamy scene

Ever heard of Steam Cream? This stuff is great. It feels light, unlike other sticky, gloopy hand creams. But somehow, it gives great moisture. It’s like a facial for your hands – they look and feel softer. Apparently Steam Cream (great name) can also be used for the face and body. Now I’m not so brave as to try it on my face just yet, but it’s a lovely body moisturiser.

As a beauty writer, I’m not overwhelmed by the tagline ‘Simple Quality Skincare’. It’s not quite as dynamic as the name – but it does what it says on the tin. And that brings me to the tin. These little guys come in “eco-chic packaging designed in Japan”, made from aluminium and are decorated in cute and funky designs, which are each run as a limited design. I’m using the Union Jack version right now. For a fun beauty addition to your handbag, they look great and love your skin.


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She believes in making great communication accessible to organisations of all shapes and sizes.


Kim has worked agency-side and in-house as a copywriter and communications specialist in Sydney, New York and London.

Her 20+ years of experience covers commercial, creative and organisational writing, as well as a successful corporate communications career.

Having contributed to all kinds of industries and sectors, Kim has created memorable, commercial campaigns for international brands, as well as communications for public healthcare, education and charity organisations. Now a Northampton copywriter, she founded The Copy Co to make skilled commercial content writing and communications services accessible across London, Milton Keynes and the Midlands.

Corporate Internal communications planning, content writing, presentations, annual reports

Our experience working in-house for corporate and internal communications means we can deliver everything from annual reports to recruitment advertising. Whether it’s employer brand, communications strategy or business writing that you require, contact us to see our extended portfolio of corporate work.

Promotional Advertising, point of sale, brochure, direct mail, newsletters

From innovative skincare brands GENEU and Manuka Doctor, to lifestyle names like Cambridge Weight Plan, we develop creative campaigns for advertising and promotions in retail, direct selling and business to business environments. Our freelance copywriters in Northampton, London, Milton Keynes, Leicestershire and the Midlands are experienced, creative and commercially minded.

Brand Naming, straplines, taglines, language, identity, packaging

Whether it’s for a service or FMCG product, our naming and brand development experience includes start-ups, blue chips and SMEs. We’ve launched campaigns and developed brands and promotions for the food, fashion, beauty and business sectors across Northampton, Milton Keynes, London and the Midlands.

Authoring Published titles authored by Kim

Reference titles authored by Kim include Titanic: A definitive history of the unsinkable ship and The Beatles: The definitive guide for all Beatles fans. Contact us to see more from our selection of commissioned reference titles, biographies and lifestyle guides. We bring content to life with an easy read style.

Digital Web, email, social media, content, blogs

Our content copywriting services crosses a wide selection of industries – from technology to fashion. Our recent work for marketing agency, MAY, involved website copy, blog writing and social media. The result? Just as the strapline hints, this is a fresh look at promoting a consultancy with some very bright ideas. Contact us for more examples of how we help businesses get noticed online with our copywriting services and more.

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Natalie Deacon Global Corporate Affair Director, Avon Cosmetics

Kim has outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal. Kim’s writing is excellent and she is hugely versatile. She is as adept at consumer-friendly copywriting as she is at corporate material. Kim’s talent as a freelance copywriter is enhanced by her ability to understand complex issues and distill these into powerful messages, which are bang on target for the audience. She is one of the very best writers I have ever come across, and a pleasure to work with.

Rachel Langley Global HR Director, The Gap Partnership

Kim is an inspirational communications leader who I had the pleasure of working with for nearly three years. She is innovative, creative, motivating and engaging, whilst being a pragmatist, which is a difficult blend to find! She is one of those few people who get internal communications and that it’s more than just channel and message. Her knowledge of communications is superb and she knows intuitively how to drive communications forward, especially during periods of change. She was fantastic at managing multiple senior business and HR stakeholders across several geographies and supported them with both coaching and formal communications training. Kim, a freelance copywriter and communications professional in London, Milton Keynes and Northampton, takes time to understand her customers and their requirements are at the heart of every solution she develops for the business, whether that’s corporate communications messages or writing and planning for change management. She is a joy to work with, adds value and I look forward to working with Kim again in future, she is a true star!  

Nicola Denny Managing Director, MAY marketing

Kim is a first class copywriter, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Kim adds value to a project far beyond writing copy. She is strategic, commercial and combines her freelance and agency experience to ensure that she asks the right questions to really get under the skin of your business or campaign to ensure whatever she is working on is targeted, focused and ultimately delivers against your objectives. I have used Kim across a wide variety of projects, from brand creation and packaging design through to corporate communications and website development. She consistently exceeds my expectations, challenges my thinking (where appropriate) and ultimately partners with me to deliver the best possible results. For anyone looking for a freelance copywriter in London, Milton Keynes and Northampton, I have no hesitation in recommending her for copywriting services.    

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We love helping start-ups succeed and driving small to medium businesses further with impactful messages. And our experience with multinationals means big brands are also right up our street.

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